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Rolling Total of Donations Collected To-Date: $101,162.33

January 10, 2019 Meeting

At our Jan 10, 2019 meeting, Melissa Gundlach updated our membership about the upgrading  being done at the Humane Society to expand and make the facility better improved for the animals and their caretakers.  Melissa gave examples of the success stories for animals being united with their forever families.

Three charities were then chosen for presenting that night: Firelands Area Young Life
Presented by Carolyn Wiseman, the Nehemiah Partners Center presented by Lisa Peterson and Kinship House presented by Sharon Barnes.  Our members chose Kinship House as the recipient of this meeting’s donation.  Kinship House provides children and their families a safe, child friendly, home-like environment for supervised visitation and exchanges.  The professionals offer support, guidance and assistance to families facing crisis including divorce, abuse, domestic violenceThe total collected for this charity was $11,100.00.

October 11, 2018 Meeting

At our Oct 11th meeting, OhGo updated our membership about how they used the funds from our donation from the July meeting. OhGo received a matching grant and will use the grant and our donation to buy a bus to strip and convert into a mobile pantry so the people will shop inside instead of in the elements. Thank you OhGo for your continued work in helping members of our community.

Then our members heard three compelling presentations. We also welcomed 10 new members to our group. What a great evening for 100 Women Who Care!

Jackie Clark spoke to us on behalf of Kinship, Norma Wible presented First Presbyterian Church Community Breakfast, and Melissa Gundlach spoke on behalf of Humane Society of Erie County. Our members voted to donate to the Humane Society. Our total donation given to the Humane Society was $10,150.00 and it will be matched from the Dorn Foundation to help with the building projects at the facility.

For more information on these worthy charities, please visit their websites:
Kinship – kinshipinc.info/

Website in process for First Presbyterian Church Community Breakfast

Humane Society:

July 12, 2018 Meeting

We began our meeting hearing from Norma Wible, who updated us on how Care and Share used the donation from our April meeting.  The big, walk-in freezer used to store food for their clients, broke shortly after we delivered the donated money to them.  Therefore, most of the donation was used to fix the freezer.  Norma was very grateful for the donation and felt it was a God moment.

We then heard from 3 local charities for our July meeting: Kim Springer spoke on behalf of Young Life Firelands Area.  Melissa Gundlach presented The Humane Society of Erie County and Christine Boesch talked about OHgo. All three charities presented compelling information about their charities.  The membership of 100 Women  Who Care chose OHgo as the charity to receive the funds from this meeting. The total was $9,550.00.   OHgo is a locally born charity that is committed to inspiring  life-long contributors to society by facilitating acts of kindness within the community, delivering goods through a mobile service to disadvantaged families, and offering learning experiences within their local environments that encourages every individual to become a catalyst for positive change. The funds are needed to help convert a current bus into a handicap accessible bus.

April 12, 2018 Meeting

We started our April meeting with an update from the prior recipient of 100 Women Who Care’s membership donation. Roz Shepherd spoke on behalf of SCAASP. Part of our donation was used to bring Alec Simon to Sandusky High School and Middle School for a school assembly where he spoke on bullying. Other funds will be used for SCAASP’s Back to School Rally in August, 2018.

On Thursday, April 12, our members listened to three compelling and informative presentations. Ann Bur spoke on behalf of Cinderella’s Closet, Norma Wible spoke in support of Care and Share and Susan Murray presented Boys and Girls Club of Erie County. In the end, our members chose Care and Share as April’s chosen charity. The total presented to Care and Share was $9,700.00.

January 11, 2018 Meeting

At our Jan 11, 2018 meeting we heard from Peggy Miller, Cancer Services of Erie County, Oct 2017 recipient of the funds from 100 Women. Member, Kris Quartermaine, gave her testimonial to how gracious, kind and supportive the team from Cancer Services are to those who need support throughout their cancer journey.

The 3 presenters for our meeting were: Melissa Gundlach presenting the Humane Society of Erie Co; Sue Daughtery presenting Serving Our Seniors and Roz Shepherd from SCAASP.

This quarter, the membership chose to support SCAASP (Sandusky Churches Adopt A School Partnership).  The organization works with area churches to support the city schools in various ways: classroom help, assistance with book fairs, teacher support and presenting a values program monthly at the high school. SCAASP’s biggest project is the Back to School Rally each August.  At the rally, children are able to participate in various educational activities, free dental care screening and receive a free book bag filled with school supplies.  There is no paid staff in the organization.  Roz stated that the funds will be used for training and the supplies for the Back to School Rally. Part of this donation also went to a very timely high school/junior high school assembly about bullying presented by Elec Simon.  The total presented to SCAASP was $10,000.

October 12, 2017 Meeting

At our meeting on Oct 12, 2017 we heard three powerful presentations: Gloria Gentry presented New Perspective Foundation, Lisa Peterson presented The Nehemiah Center and Peg Miller presented Cancer Services.  Our members chose Cancer Services as the recipient for this meeting.  The Total  given to Cancer Services was $9,787.20.

Also, At this meeting, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of 100 Women Who Care In Erie County.  Thank you to all who attended and share our vision to empower women in Erie County to make an impact in the community we live in.

July 13, 2017 Meeting

Three interesting charities were presented at our July meeting:

Peggy Bertsch spoke on behalf of Erie County Special Olympics, Ann Bur presented Cinderella’s Closet, and Melissa Gundlach spoke for the Humane Society of Erie County.

The membership voted to support ERIE CO SPECIAL OLYMPICS and the donation total amount collected for this charity was $10,275.13. This charity is a private non-profit organization that provides athletic training and competition programs for mentally challenged citizens of Erie County.

April 13, 2017 Meeting

We heard from three interesting and informative presentations at this April meeting:

  1. Al’s Clinic – presented by Lori Schlessman
  2. SCAASP – presented by Nancy Kamp
  3. Firelands Symphony – presented by Cindy Hare

The members selected Al’s Clinic as the recipient of this meeting’s donation in the amount of $10,500. Al’s Clinic is a charity started by Lori and John Schlessman in memory of their son, Al, who was tragically killed on April 13, 2003 in an arson fire at an Ohio State University house. This charity was created to reach out to area youth, continuing Alan’s legacy and preserving his memory. The first Al’s Clinic became a reality only 3 months after his death, thanks to the tremendous support of the community. Now contributions are making sports affordable for Sandusky area youth. The family of Alan, continues to have the goal of teaching the youth new skills while putting smiles on their faces, as Al would have done.

Mr and Mrs Schlessman also established a scholarship fund in memory of their son, Alan. Consideration is given for leadership, academic competence and desire for higher education for participating in golf, basketball or tennis and peer programs.

January 2017
Kendra’s House, Inc.

At our second meeting in January the three nominated charities were:
Kendra’s House
Cinderella’s Closet
Boys and Girls Club of Erie County

Kendra’s House was chosen by the membership. Kendra’s House provides a safe, empowering home for at risk girls from 13-17 years of age who come from dysfunctional homes. These girls will be expected to work as a team and learn what a healthy family feels like. While attending school, volunteering in the community, receiving therapy, and setting goals for their future, these girls will be re-writing their stories. This will be the only residential home for at risk girls in Erie County and will certainly have a positive impact in our community. Kendra’s House received $10,100.

October 2016
Imagination Library

We consider our first meeting of 100 Women Who Care in Erie County a big success. Over 80 Erie County women joined this great organization to hear about three charities presented by members.  These charities were: Back to the Wild presented by member, Martha Mariea, Make a Wish, presented by member, Amy Grant and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, presented by member, Anne McGookey.

The group selected The Imagination Library as the first selected charity to receive the donation from 100 Women Who Care in Erie County.   Money and membership forms continued to flow in, and one week later we presented Anne McGookey and The Imagination Library with $10,000.

The Imagination Library is a project of the local Kiwanis Club of Sandusky with Anne McGookey leading this effort.   The purpose is to supply 12 books a year to every Erie County child from age birth to 5 years of age.  This program currently provides books to about 940 children a month in Sandusky and Perkins Township, but will expand soon to another 300 children in Castalia and Huron.  This program is affiliated with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, which subsidizes some of the cost of the books.  The idea is supply books to every child regardless of the family’s income.